About Minecraft Bejeweled Game
Are you in for another new game for today Well it seems like the games don a t end to show and we are happy to offer you as many as we can. Every day we offer you new games that enters at every hour. All this games are created especially for you and we invite you to play all of them. For example this new game is with your favourite characters from Minecraft a logcal type of game that we want you to play with us. This is actually a bejewele type of game in which you are invited to join us and have fun. The goal in this new type pf game is to reach the highest score in five minute by creating pairs of three or more jewels of the same type and color in order to eliminate them and get the points. The game has only one level a level in which in five minutes you have to do your best in order to make thr highest score possible. We are sure that you will have alot of fun playing this new game that we have to offer especially for you so join us and after you are done share the score you gained with us. Have fun in this new bejeweled type of game with Minecraft

Minecraft Bejeweled Game