Free Cake Games

Play the best fun free online cake games on TimeWasterz on your computer today! All cake internet games are safe for kids.

We have 100+ free online Cake Games that will allow you to try all sorts of fun recipes for cakes, cupcakes, and more! You'll be able to cook cakes for different holidays, weddings, dessert parties and more. Our free games are very simple to play and they can teach you alot about making your own desserts at home! All games are safe for kids.

Most of our best free online Cake Games will place you right in the middle of the kitchen where you will have to gather ingredients and then follow a recipe to create the perfect dessert! You'll have to pay attention to the order of ingredients and keep an eye on the oven so that you don't bake the cakes too long!

Some of our other cake games focus on the decoration of the dessert. You'll have a fully baked cake that is completely plain. You'll get to design the icing, sprinkles, toppings, and much more! See what type of fun designs you can come up, and then try them at home when you are decorating a real cake!